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 Wikipedia link on Mme Blavastky

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PostSubject: Wikipedia link on Mme Blavastky   Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:52 am

Apparently she was extremely well known to her contempturies at the time, and her book The Secret Doctorine does have a lot of sales, even now.
Apparenty and unfortunately, the concept of the Root Races have been read by people who are of the right wing.
This has caused a lot of controversy. The whole concept of the Root Races where re-arranged by that Austrian Occultist called Liszt who used it for his own bigoted means, and unfortunately it was thought by another fellow Austrian called Adolf Hitler to be gospel.
This WikiLink is not blaming Mme Blavestky for all this at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Wikipedia link on Mme Blavastky   Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:39 am

i find it highly amusing that wikipedia dares to try to post any thing on the greatest occultist of all time.

Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception.
H. P. Blavatsky
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Wikipedia link on Mme Blavastky
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